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I am a British/Italian freelance film editor from Bergamo, Italy and based in London. 


A graduate of the National Film & Television School, I have worked on a variety of long form projects, both short and feature length, that have gone to numerous festivals worldwide, including France, Mexico and the US. If you want to know more about my professional journey, I have also talked about it here


I am drawn to narratives with a socio-political relevance and a strong emotional core, having edited films about themes such as mental health, social inequality, transgender rights and drug addiction, to name a few.

I am regarded as an assured, organised and enthusiastic professional, who's able of dealing with the many technical and creative challenges typical of the edit process while always keeping a focus on the story. No matter how big and complex the obstacle in front of me, I will always try my best to make it work. 

I am equipped with an Avid MC-based WFH workstation, including an editor keyboard, a standing platform and a great selection of treats to make you feel at (an Italian) home. 








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