I was born in Bergamo, Italy, just north of Milan. I've been a fan of the movies ever since my dad took me to my first cinema trips as a child, but it was only during my teens that I started to truly discover the magic of filmmaking and editing in particular. 


After graduating at the University of Milan, in 2016 I moved to pre-Brexit London and applied to the MA Editing course at the National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield, which I was lucky enough to be accepted on and start in January 2017.  At the school I had the chance to work on documentaries, fiction and animation shorts,  creatively collaborating with directors and all other departments. My grad animation short "The Fire Next Time", after a long completion process, was selected for the Annecy and Sundance film festivals and has been longlisted for a Best British Short Animation BAFTA. 


As an editor, I am especially drawn to real stories that have both a sociopolitical relevance and a strong emotional core, having worked on films about the impact of suicide on loved ones, the deep roots of social inequality and its consequences, or the opioid crisis in the US. This is the reason I have mainly focused on documentaries, but I also greatly enjoy working on more lighter fare projects.

As an assistant editor, my interest in documentary has translated into working on two factual tv series for the BBC and Channel 4 and feature documentaries, where I have demonstrated great technical proficiency and a very good eye for storytelling. 

I am currently editing two feature documentaries, one about the colonial war of the late 19th century between the Zulu Kingdom and the British Empire, and one about the story of a LGBT football team in central Cambodia, so look out for more updates soon. 

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